“Superior service, innovative ideas and economic solutions.”

Established in 2001 with humble beginnings consisting of just four employees, InLine Engineering Services has grown to delivering scheduled maintenance crews of over 70. Committed to continually improving its structure and resources to best meet the dynamic needs of industry, we are gearbox specialists – located in the Pilbara and Perth where expertise is needed.

Since the inception of Inline Engineering Services, we have had a reputation for supporting the communities we love living and working in.
Employment and skill development is key to community building and Inline Engineering Services has invested by:

  • – providing exceptional customer services through highly competent, trained, locally based staff,
  • – supporting local youth through apprenticeships and training, and
  • – giving professional development for our people.

Despite providing a 24 hour on-call service to our customers we have always shown support to local initiatives through business and personal commitment.

Some of the groups that benefit from this commitment are listed below:

  • – Apprenticeships WA
  • – Hedland Gymnastic Club
  • – Hedland Senior High school
  • – Swans Baseball Team
  • – Fishing Clubs
  • – Alliance Dance Company

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Inline’s success story is based on our motto GearUp

G – Geographically…We are well placed in the Pilbara and Perth to handle your needs
E – Experienced… people allow you to benefit from our industry understanding
A – Accountability… With every hour we perform on site for you or at our workshop
R – Reliability… If we say it will be done, it is done

U – Understanding… The industry, the projects and HOW to deliver
P – People… It’s our people that sets us apart.

The in-house team at InLine provides the specialist expertise for delivery of machining, precision mechanical fitting and fabrication works, as well as being the nucleus of our site-works delivery team.  The site-supervision, planning and leadership foundation at InLine houses our extensive ‘corporate knowledge’ of safe work practices, past shutdown work methodologies, specialist mechanical services, job-planning and delivery.

Supplementing this core with FIFO resources, we can address the challenges associated with constantly fluctuating workload. We maintain an in-house ‘Core 60’ management tool which contains our performance-assessments for all casually engaged resources, their suitability according to performance assessments, competencies, inductions and certification status.

Aptitude –     Trade skills, additional competencies, quality of work, work-rate
Safety –     Compliance, meaningful contributions, housekeeping, awareness
Attitude –     Initiative, time-keeping, teamwork, punctuality, reliability
Leadership –     Mentoring, job-perspective or task-perspective, example-set





Inline Engineering Services offers service, overhaul and installation of all industrial gearboxes and heavy fitting work, a comprehensive machine shop, and fully qualified tradespeople able to complete site-based scheduled and breakdown maintenance work. Safety and quality driving innovative solutions.

In addition to our facility in Port Hedland, we have a fleet of transportable ‘on-site’ containers that are specifically equipped according to known site conditions and specific job requirements. We can be where the solutions are needed.

With experience comes know-how.

Our reputation is built on safe, quality service and innovative, economical solutions. With a wealth of experience across major industries in the Pilbara region, including mining & material handling, power generation and rail, our expertise in delivering heavy fitting solutions & gearbox services for the mining industry is second to none.

Looking for ways to save time.

Time is money. If your critical equipment has broken down you are losing money. We understand that expert, safe solutions are required and are passionate about delivering efficient and economical solutions to expedite the return to operations and productivity.

The right parts and equipment.

Our team of talented engineers and technicians are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for you. Their rigorous research provides you with the confidence that you will receive exactly the product and customized result you need to get your project up and running as fast as possible.

If it can’t be sourced we’ll manufacture it.

We can design, manufacture and deliver a complete range of drive systems, including gearbox, motor, coupling and base. With a huge workshop at our disposal and a team of specialists, when we say if it can’t be found we’ll make it, you know we are telling the truth.